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  • # Solar & Grid Charging Options
  • # Local & Remote Monitoring Option
  • # LCD Display For Easy Monitoring
Intelligent Charging Sharing Allows You to Enjoy Non stop Power

Solar PCU – Right Partner for Off-grid Solar

SiemensTec’s Solar Power Conditioning Unit serves both as solar charge controller and inverter. It is a unique hybrid system which can charge batteries through solar and grid. As solar panels make DC electricity, it goes to the Solar PCU which converts DC into AC to power electrical load, and stores the remaining DC electricity in batteries. When there is a deficit of solar power, Solar PCU intelligently runs the connected load on solar energy stored in batteries.


Intelligent Charging Sharing Allows You to Enjoy Non-stop Power

PCU is intelligently designed to check the output power of the panels. If the output power is sufficient to charge the battery, then no power is taken from the mains. However, if there is a deficit of solar power, then the remaining will be taken from the mains. For example, if solar panels are making 12 amps and a 150AH battery is connected, then it will take remaining 3amps from grid.

Decide When to Use the Grid

SiemensTec has imported its off-grid solar inverter, Solar PCU, so intelligent that it can think for you. It always gives priority to solar for running electrical load and uses the rest of solar power for charging of battery bank. It also lets you decide when to connect to grid. If solar panels are not making enough power, it gives you two options: Solar-Mains-Battery and Solar-Battery-Mains

Automatic Temperature Compensation

SiemensTec’s Solar PCU, off-grid solar inverter, is equipped with ATC technology. It intelligently regulates battery charging voltage based on outside temperature. This protects battery from overcharging in hot temperature and from undercharging in cold weather. ATC technology also increases battery life by 6 months

Six Stage Charging

Solar PCU – the best off-grid solar inverter, charges battery in 6 stages – Desulphation, Soft Start, Bulk, Absorption Equalization, Float. Latest DT-6S technology removes the build-up of sulphate from battery plates which makes battery charging more efficient. 6-stage charging also helps prolongs battery’s life and health.

In-built Solar Charge Controller

Solar PCU has a built-in charge controller which ensures that right amount of voltage and current reach the battery to charge it efficiently. Solar charge controller also prevents reverse flow of current from batteries to panel during nightime when voltage of battery is more than that of panels.

LCD Display Makes Your Life Easy

An easy-to-read LCD panel displays important information like battery charging, system on/off, battery charge level, output load percentage and various other system status.

Keep a Check on Performance of Solar Power System

By simply connecting your laptop to Solar PCU’s USB port, you can clearly see the health of your off-grid solar system. It saves the data for its entire lifetime of 25 years. You can even access it remotely by logging in to the system online.

Pure Sine Wave Gives You Energy and Cost Efficiency

Solar PCU produces pure sine wave; the ideal waveform for the transfer of AC power. Pure Sine Wave, also called as clean electricity, is best suited for health of all AC electrical load such as TV, music system, fridge, fans lights etc.


Solar PCU is an intelligent device that always gives preference to solar power and will use Grid/DG power only when the solar power/battery is unable to meet the load requirement.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the price of Solar PCU?

Su-Kam’s solar PCU is usually sold in an off-grid package that consists of solar panels and battery bank. Your local dealer can give you the best quote after visiting the site and calculating your requirements.